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Ald. Jenkins Blog:

Last Night

​Last night we approved the purchase of ~60+ acres of new land in my district to be added in for industrial development. I am very excited that we can add this to our ever diminishing industrial property to continue the wonderful growth we've seen in that sector in the City!

Debt and TIF Talk

In summary, are debt is getting lower and lower, and some of our TIF districts are over performing and can support the under performing ones to pay off their debt.

So what does this mean? The City's overall debt capacity (or credit limit) is $124 million. After next years payments, our overall debt will have gone down to under $50 million. What this means is that the City would have the ability to take on more debt for bigger projects like roads or capitol improvements without having to change the way we do business or raise taxes. That at least gives us another tool in our tool box.

The TIF districts, which are generally distressed areas that withhold their earned tax increment to improve infrastructure and encourage growth in said areas, are performing better than others. With an exception of two, 11 out of 13 are performing well enough to support themselves, while some are over performing to help out the two that are lacking. This is a good thing, because if that were not the case, the burden to improve those areas would fall solely on the taxpayers. 

We are fortunate that we live in a time of economic growth and have policies and an administration in place that wants to continue the momentous progress we've been making.

Some Post Election Thoughts

Major changes on the County and City Board occurred this past Spring election. Thank you to my constituents for asking me to serve as Mike Miller's replacement on the County Board.

With the new group of individuals on both levels are many new and exciting opportunities. More room for shared government services and collective services. I am optimistic about new leadership and the many ways we can join forces to serve our constituents in an efficient and conservative manner.

February Update

-Bike route discussion is moving forward. The City is looking at helping Bike Friendly West Bend to apply for grants for funding.

We presented Mike Ryan, the Director of Community TV, with a resolution honoring him on his retirement from the City. Congrats Mike! And congrats to Padrick Dunn for stepping up to fill Mike's big shoes!

We once again presented a resolution asking for solutions to be created on the legal Dark Store issues that have been plaguing the state. We hope that our representatives in Madison can put their partisan differences aside to come up with a common-sense solution to fix this loophole.

Hope everybody is enjoying this Spring weather!

Jan 8th, 2018

-I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Tonight's meeting was short and sweet. We welcomed new officers to our police force and are excited to see solid recruits continuing to join our ranks.

The Council voted and approved soliciting feedback on road maintenance through an Advisory Referendum that will take place on April 3rd's general election. Highlights are:

  • The referendum is strictly advisory - it does not bound the Council to any one action
  • This is not a budget fix, it is simply gauging interest on ramping up our road maintenance efforts
  • The "Wheel Tax" option is the only one that binds funding to infrastructure - other options could be altered by future Councils
  • We, the Council, the Mayor, and myself, value communication. We've been asked by some why we can't just make the decision ourselves? While some groups in the community are lacking in the communication and transparency dept, we pride ourselves in being as open as we can, and hope this can be another way to do so.

Finally, an update on the Deer Management - 5 hunters qualified for the hunt. Due to this smaller number, the Committee decided to focus only on Lac Lawrann for this pilot program.